portuguese noun

reunion or mix of different people or things

Founded in 2020.

MESCLA is a magazine about fashion and lifestyle that wants to empower women, democratizes and break taboos in fashion, showing to every woman they can be fashionable.

MESCLA’s mission is to make everyone feel included in the fashion world and on society.
It’s been a while since people started caring more about themselves, about feelings and about life.
Nowadays, the pursue of authenticity became a major goal.
People want to feel, people want to touch and live.
This is what we want to explore: Your real life.
The days we were stagnant in the ordinary, in the basic and without leaving the comfort zone are over.
We want to make you feel real, we want to show that it’s possible to be you.
No judgments anymore.
Let’s go dive together in this world full of creativity, diversity, and love.
Fashion is for everyone and you know that!


Victoria Pinheiro

Victoria Pinheiro

Fundadora & Editora
Ana Paula Hexsel

Ana Paula Hexsel

Co-fundadora & Editora
Gabriel Alencar

Gabriel Alencar

Editor de Entreterimento