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How To Not Let Stupid People Ruin Your Day

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How To Not Let Stupid People Ruin Your Day

Unfortunately, stupid people exist and there is nothing we can do about them. Sometimes, depending on the level of stupidity, it is just not worthy to waste words and time because, well, they think they are the center of the universe.

I don’t know about you, but I hate discussions. Even when I got hurt, for me it’s better to just stay quiet than to fight back – Ok, some people deserve it because they think they are the last bag of chips and a milkshake during a zombie apocalypse, when they are not.

That’s my little secret to live a better life without caring much about other people’s opinions. Just forget about them.

In nowadays life it’s so easy to get mad about something or get sad about what someone said to you. The world is getting so boring that sometimes I just want to create my own little planet and fly straight to it.

Since I can’t (financial and logistic reasons, I’m sorry), I decided to create a small guideline about some actions you can take to overcome boring and stupid people and live a lighter life. After all, you already have so many problems that you don’t want another one. 

Eat An Avocado Toast

How To Not Let Stupid People Ruin Your Day Eat An Avocado Toast

I don’t know about you, but I really love avocado toast.
I used to hate, because in Brazil we don’t have the tradition to eat avocado in salty foods. Only as dessert.
However, after I accepted that avocado is part of a routine here in America, my life became better because…
Besides the healthy benefits that avocado brings to your life, it also makes you feel happy and self sufficient.
Actually, you will feel so self sufficient that you will instantly forget about people.
Do you know why?
Because you will be busy tasting your toast.
Really, just try it.
It’s almost like a magic trick. 

Mentally Repeat: I’m The Boss, B*tch!

How To Not Let Stupid People Ruin Your Day Devil Wears Prada

Oh, hell, you are!
Besides your business, you are also the boss of your self-control.
When you start repeating something in your head many times, you start getting used to it, right?
It’s almost like that very good advice that your friend gives to you when you lie to your mom saying that you were at your friend’s house when you were actually at your “crush’s house” (I’m sorry, it was long!):
”You have to believe in your lie to make someone believe in it!”
So… start believing that you are a boss that you will actually become one.

Listen a Loud Song And Sing In Front Of The Mirror

How To Not Let Stupid People Ruin Your Day Lizzie McGuire

Oh, honey… this is a classical trick.
Do you remember those teenagers movies in which the little brother sees his sister singing alone in front of the mirror?
Well, now it’s your time.
Please, just let the Lizzie Mcguire you have inside of you fly!
Those moments are as purest as the moments those teenagers were having.
They were just being themselves.
And if you be yourself, you won’t care about the others.
Just try to practice this every single morning.
You will feel good as hell. 

Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

How To Not Let Stupid People Ruin Your Da Wake Up 15 Minutes Yearly

I hate waking up early. Like, for real.
But I love myself more than anything. And don’t let people ruin your day is part of self-love.
When I started to wake up a little earlier, I started to love the moment of waking up.
I drink a coffee, I open my window, I let the fresh air fill my lungs, I repeat in my head: Today is gonna be a good day.
The morning is the main moment of your day. 

Obviously, there is so much more than just those steps, but you have to start at some point, right?
Just forget about the others, don’t let them ruin your day!

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