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Meet Restless, a safe network made by and for women.

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Meet Restless, a safe network made by and for women.

We are living in an extremely delicate and difficult time. Daily, we read news and witness unfair, inhuman, and unbelievable events that make us give up on having a fair and egalitarian society.
Women have no security and are not respected. Whatever are the clothes we wear, the places we visit, the air we breathe, it’s always like that: Disrespect, insecurity, abuse.

We are here today to introduce you to a new world, a new environment. An environment where women are united, respected, and live in peace. An environment where one can count on each other, for whatever reason. This environment is called Restless Network and is right in your hand, on your cell phone.

Founded by the young entrepreneur Olivia DeRamus, Restless Network is a safe sanctuary for women. Offering a unique and secure space online to connect and maintain mental health. The network was launched in 2019 and, in May 2020, became an app. 
Restless Network offers users a place to heal, grow and create a safe community, and unlike other female-focused apps, Restless helps you to feel good about yourself and understand that you are not alone, whatever is the reason.

The idea of creating this platform was from Olivia DeRamus, after being sexually assaulted at the age of 19. For many years Olivia suffered in silence and through this silence, she became more restless. In 2019, Olivia decided to launch a women’s editorial platform and has already helped many women who have gone through similar situations.

With topics about culture, sexuality, work, relationships, and mental health, the digital platform covers the entire female universe and has already conquered thousands of women around the world. In the last 3 months alone, Restless had over 8,000 users, with an average increase of 100 to 500 new users a week.

We from MESCLA want to invite you to this new and safe environment. We want to say that YES, we are all together in this, and together we are stronger.

For more information, visit or Instagram/Restlessnetwork

Olivia DeRamus, founder of Restless Network
Olivia DeRamus, Restless Network Founder

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