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The best gifts for someone that loves fashion like us – Editor’s picks!

Faça uma doação e ajude a MESCLA a crescer!

The best gifts for someone that loves fashion like us – Editor’s picks!

The holiday season is here and, even being an unusual time for all of us, this year made us grow! We became stronger, more human, and found happiness in small things.

I don’t know about you, but fashion itself became, more than ever, a special piece of my happiness. During the quarantine apex, what kept my brain and my body healthy was waking up early and getting dressed – And you can’t imagine how many incredible outfits I’ve created.

It was extremely important to see fashion playing a special role in people’s lives during the quarantine.

To maintain the fashion spirit and to help you find the best gift for someone you love (and that includes YOU), we’ve partnered with Saltwater Luxe and Chaser, two fashionable brands that value comfort and style.

This is what we call “The Perfect Match” <3

Saltwater Luxe

If you are looking for something fashionable, swank, and passionate, Saltwater is the right choice! They are always creating trendsetting pieces and, to be sincere, I want everything 😛

What is amazing about Saltwater is that you have the freedom to play with the garments and the final result will be always incredible and full of style.

Fashion is about personality and feeling beautiful wearing anything you want, and I feel this when I wear Saltwater Luxe because it translates my feelings for what is fashion.

With them, everything is more, and that includes this classy and glittery outfit!

If you dreamed about getting out of your comfort zone and having a piece in your wardrobe that is full of elegance and femininity, that’s your chance. The year is ending and that isn’t a time to change and do something you always wanted to do!
Personal Opinion: I felt really powerful wearing this dress that is almost an oversized suit. So beautiful!

Chaser Brand

Do you know when you want to wear something casual, comfortable but still trendy? Well, Chaser is where you will find those pieces.

People say that comfort and style never go together, but this brand is here to prove that they are all wrong!
These white and soft Chaser sweatpants, for example, can be stylized with a turtle neck, and voila! You have a perfect comfy&fashion outfit for Christmas – And don’t forget to wear bold earrings, as I did, to elevate your outfit even more!

Are you on the elegant team? Don’t worry! A Silk Zebra Print Chemise & Pants set will solve your problems. Perfect for staying at home and enjoying a delicious wine with your family.

Remember that you can find maaaany other pieces at Saltwater Luxe and Chaser websites. Whatever is your choice, don’t forget that your personality is what rules your style.

Xoxo from your editor <3

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