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The Fall Trends We Have Seen At The Fashion Weeks So Far – And How To Recycle Your Own Clothes For It!

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The Fall Trends We Have Seen At The Fashion Weeks So Far – And How To Recycle Your Own Clothes For It!


The fashion weeks around the world are still happening, and a lot of things haven’t come out yet. However, New York and London Fashion Weeks are over and Milan Fashion Week is walking to an end soon, so we already have an idea of what it’s about to happen in our fashion world!

I’m pretty sure you have a lot of things in your wardrobe that you can recycle for the next season, especially because the fashion movement tends to always back to an era and bring to the present some unforgettable trends.  


SWEATERS, PLAID AND RELAXED SILHOUETTES REPRESENTS THIS TRENDS – But you have to add a fancy touch with rhinestones or blazers, for example. Or a colorful makeup!

Yes, the plaid and relaxed jeans are back! – Thank god, because I have a lot of plaid shirts in my closet. 
If you don’t have it, its’ss easy to find a lot of those types of pieces at thrift stores that will not get out of your budget. 
In addition, try to invest in chunky boots – If you don’t have money for a Doctor Martens right now, you can find a lot of other inexpensive options. My chunky boot is from Miss Lola and I really love them. Comfortable and pretty!


I know that you have already seen a lot of chains — especially on Instagram – but I think that now it is time to really invest in some. 
Chains nowadays are easy to find, and you can use them as the “special touch” to enrich your outfit.
Try to invest in belts, necklace or even bags that use chains as a strap.


*Please, put Shania Twain to play and read to this* 

Well, the first thing that comes to our head when we think in equestrianism is…. Western boots, right?!
But more than those boots, something trending is the hat, the “horse girl hat”. 
You can literally be inspired by Kate Middleton or Anne Hathaway on “ The Princess Diary” and create a fun outfit – And when I say create a fun outfit, I mean to be inspired by them to create your own version! The hat can be easily substituted for a beanie, for example.
I personally love boots, and I’m happy that this is actually a trend.


This trend will guarantee some visits at vintage stores, huh?!

Getting out of the oversized blazer for a second, the designers are investing in something more classic now. Velvet, puffed shoulders and ruffles are some characteristics of this type of jackets, and the options are many.

Thi type of jacket is good when you want to create something different and we can categorize them as “A classical and old look at something more modern”.
Remember that if you want to keep your outfit modern! Try to always use the jacket with something more modern under it to create a perfect balance!
This type of garment is known for its famous “special touch”. 


This was already a trend, but now the chunky style is migrating for accessories, like jewelry, sunglasses, and purses.
The chains already set down this statement but now it is having companionship with many other types of accessories.
Remember that quote less is more? Well, it does not apply to this season.
So, my tip for you if you want to raze everything? Have fun and do not be afraid of adding “special touches” to your outfit.
What about two belts instead of one? Or a huge earring? Colored sunglasses?
The options are infinite!

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